Programming & Disassembling

Programming Guide

Click here for our complete programming guide or browse the videos below for programming demonstrations.  Click here for instructions on programming your Barrel Flashlight with a Dragon Driver. 

Changing out your Ring and Sleeve

This video details how to disassemble your Barrel Flashlight and change out your ring and inner sleeve 

Modes and Groups

This video goes over groups and modes.  It talks a little bit about the difference between them, the benefits of having separate groups and shows you how to change groups.

Add, Delete Modes & Changing Brightness

This video covers adding and deleting modes from the Barrel Flashlight programming as well as changing the brightness of a mode.

Lock and Unlock Modes

This video shows how to lock and unlock modes on the Barrel Flashlight.  This is handy if you want to lock it so it comes on at a particular brightness each time you turn it on versus toggling through the modes to get to a selected brightness.

Strobe / Blink Menu

Demonstrates making changes to the Strobe / Blink programming on the Barrel Flashlight

Checking your Battery Life

A quick demonstration on how to test your battery life.

Double Tap (Rule #2)

A quick demo of the double tap option and changing the double tap mode.

Factory Reset

Here is a quick demonstration showing how to reset the light back to factory defaults.

Changing the tailcap

Here is a quick video demonstrating how to change out the tailcap on your Barrel Flashlight.

Programming Modes (Dragon Driver)

Here's a quick guide to programming your Barrel Flashlight with a Dragon Driver.

Memory Toggle (Dragon Driver)

owHere's a video explaining memory toggle with the Dragon Driver and demonstrating how to toggle it on and off. 

Reverse Toggle (Dragon Driver)

Here's a video explaining and demonstrating the Dragon Driver reverse mode as well as showing you how to toggle it on and off.